Point Grey control processor idle states


I’m using a Point Grey Flea camera for my current project. The Point Grey driver has a option to disable the processor idle states (which is recommended by PtGry). The question is now if I should activate that option or not … as far as I know vvvv does it’s own idle state handling?!

Any recommendations?!

Could please any of the devvvvs comment on this.


well we don’t have such a camera. i have no idea what such a setting would do. can’t you just try and see what works better for you? and then report your findings here?!


digging deeper into this … unfortunately the computer and the camera is already into postal service over to the exhibition side. If I’ve time I might check this on side on sunday.

I found a document (1) by point grey which states that the “enhanced cpu halt states” can cause image tearing issues. Seems like this utility disables the Intel SpeedStepping, especially the C1E state. While googling I found that this seems to be a general issues as other device vendors have similar instructions (2) or tools to prevent image tearing.


(1) http://www.ptgrey.com/support/downloads/documents/TAN2010003_Image_tearing_causes_and%20_solutions.pdf

(2) http://www.alliedvisiontec.com/fileadmin/content/PDF/Support/Application_Notes/AppNote_power_saving_1394_en.pdf

By the way,

I vaguely remember that tonfilm once wrote a forum post about the different halt states … but I can’t find it anymore!