PNG Renders with antialiasing?

I need to render a PNG sequence with alpha. My current method works fine but uses the writer node, which does not allow for antialiasing. Is there another waythat does? I have FRAPS but it will not help for keeping the alpha channel.


Its uses the screen shot node, you need to name your renderer and set the name in the module…

which vvvversion do you use?

Thanks :)
will check that module out.

I’m using beta21.

you have to set the texture format of the DXTexture node to a format with alpha, then it works fine.

Ah shit, with alpha… thats not going to help now is it catweasel…

Hmmmm. Seems fine when hooked up directly to the last renderer. Its when I try to do a few render passes that it goes a little bit shite. Is this normal?