Png problem

i have a problem with loading png greater than 1024x1024px, it looks like it is not loaded, is this a bug? hope it’s not… :(


Hi vedran,

loading bigger png-files than 1024x1024px does not seem to be a problem here.

I just checked with huge png-files with 4096x4096px and even 8192x8192px - images are loading and transparency is working !?

Looks like a problem on your system, I tested on an PIII 1GHz with a NVidia 5900 XT/128MB.


graphic cards have limits on their maximum texture size. what graphics card are you using?

sorry for a delay
i’m on the cost here in croatia, no internet!!!

i use radeon 7500 with 32mb on my dell laptop, didn’t know that this could be the problem


this site tells you that the radeon 7500 texture limit is 2048x2048. therefore strange. but maybe the site is not correct or it is different for the mobile version. the upcomming release of vvvv will have a node that outputs the maximum texturesize!

meanwhile selecting the FileTexture node in inspektor reveals some additional pins. try loading the texture in different formats!

strangly the above site also mentions a maximum texturesize of 4096x4096 for the nvidia 5900xt. are you sure you can load larger images msberger?


I just doublechecked this.

Yes, I can load textures bigger than 4096x4096 with the 5900XT, I tried with 8192x8192.
It is taking some time to load but it is loading and there is no cropping.
BUT … with textures bigger than 4096x4096 some interpolation is going on !

I used images with hard lines and pixel on/off patterns for testing. With resolutions up to 4096x4096 the images stayed sharp when zooming in and you were able to see every pixel on/off. With 8192x8192 the images becomes blury and the pixel on/off pattern became just grey.
(the 8192x8192 images was really native 8192x8192 and native pixel on/off … it was not just enlarged with photoshop from 4096x4096 … just to prevent this question)


ok. thats fine. so the card can deal natively with textures up to 4096x4096 but the driver fakes it can do more. good to know…