Plugins installation


I have been looking at VVVV for a few weeks now and so far it is great, really like it ! I would like to confirm how to install pluggins, freeframes, effects, modules and VST. I downloaded some shader and some library but I am not sure that they are correctly installed since I don’t seem to have access to the new node comming from them. But if I open some patch inside their respective subfolder I see those nodes. I have include a screenshot of my VVVV build with the shader and library that i download.

I have a second question (sorry for shooting wide here)
I saw this tutorial

tutorial effects vertex data

but I don’t seem to have the vertexdata node ? Do I need something a plugin for that ? If yes how do I install it (to get back to my original question)

Thank you very much for your help.

Sorry i forgot to include a screenshot of my build and where i store my downloaded shader and library.


In your vvvv folder right click root.v4p and select “open as root”.
There you will find instructions on how to install your plugins/modules/effects.

The second link you enclosed is a tutorial on how vertexshaders works and how to write your own shaders in hlsl. There is no vertexdata node. Read again the tutorial from the beggining and you will understand whats going on.

hi Twoni,

a base rule is: never change anything inside the vvvv folder! think of downloading the next version, do you want to copy all stuff there again? i doubt it!

as tsou said, you have to configure the root.v4p. there you can specify the paths where vvvv should look for nodes.

so make yourself a folder like:

if you reference this folder, vvvv looks in there for the following directories:


so throw your stuff in there.

for big packs like the shader library its totally ok to make a new dir:

and reference that too in your root.v4p to get the nodes of it.

please also refer to the documentation on nodes and paths