Plugins developping in c++ is possible?

hi all,
as you can imagine reading the subject, my question is simple: there is a way to write a plugin for vvvv using c++? the problem is that i have a camera with the sdk written in c++, and i want to make a plugin for reading it (something like ueye cam plugin from joreg)
any hint about that? is possible to have a little example/template?
thx guys :))

hola screama,

there are 2 options:
vux provided a
plugin template for managed c++

option 2)
is not yet ready for primetime, but you can also write native c++ COM .dlls based on the vvvvs pluginspecs. only problem is, those cannot yet be directly loaded. i’d need some help on finishing the loading procedure for those from a c++ guy familiar with COM…

Thank you joreg/vux, i just compiled the solution using visual studio, though if i drop PluginTemplateCpp.dll into a vvvv patch… nothing happens, what am I missing ?

thank again to joreg/vux and skype :D after some tests and the help of vux i tried to compile the solution using vs 2005 instead of 2010, it works fine, hope vux will understand why, anycase in 2005 it works fine :) thank u guys


found that thread as i’m not so experienced with c# and with interfaces, and i’m looking for some examples of how to make c++ plugins.

  1. the link is out of date. can this template be found somewhere else now?
  2. any news on that? that would probably be nicer than having to write some wrappers…