Plugins Changelog

hi there,

this should be more a discussion than a statement, but we can start with the statement that it’s imo pretty difficult to keep an overview over the new released plugins.
probably souceforge itself gives some kind of feedback about current contributions, nevertheless it would be really nice to get an overview over the changes in the official plugin pack. ideally the contributions page would inform us over new things in general, but it’s not technically linked to either the sourceforge thing or the plugins collected in the plugin pack, isn’t it?

a changelog for the plugin pack, made with love like the core changelog, would be ideal for users who do not follow every commited file on SF, but it’s alot of handwork I guess.

any ideas? or am I just missing a good possibility to monitor these issues?


sounds like a manual thing
just a matter of creating an official plugins changelog page where every addon pack contributor adds his lines og info. im up for this…with my poor amount of plugins ;)

sory for late on this.
fcourse this is long overdue. unfortunately i don’t see a superautomagic solution for this and addon contributors will have to add their stuff manually to the addons-change-log.

the situation with contributions and addons being two different things is not optimal but until we have everything in the itunes store it’ll be like this:

  • the contributions are the quick and easy way for everyone to share stuff, even without sourcecode.

  • contributing to the addonpack requires a bit more effort as you’ll have to commit your source to vvvvs sourceforge repository. everything in the addonpack is versioncontrolled and autocompiled to work with the respective release.