Plugin will not initialize pins

With current alpha, one of the vl plugins refuses to work, a null pointer seems to be thrown during plugin initialisation.

See the Split help patch provided.

Exception is not coming from the c# dll, I checked against older vl patches (included) and in c# editor (code included). And added safety checks in vl. still…

I observed that patching around the If region sometimes even causes COM interface disruption.

i can confirm the missing VL node in the vvvv patch. seems to be a bug. didn’t got the COM exception though…

otherwise, nice patch, clean and understandable.

on each recompile the data of the file seems to be missing, is that also part of your bug report? or is that on purpose?

as a side note, if you have a zip, just drag it onto the text field to upload it here. files on other servers tend to get lost quite quickly…

thanks. this one is dedicated to all the vl sceptics:

no, that is not related. I hadn’t implemented an OnOpen yet. Doing so fixed the issues that can occur naturally in vl, when using an external read bang input. It should not go haywire even without the OnOpen provision, but let’s focus on the bug at hand (173.1 KB)

edit: please let me know if you find something

fixed. we found an incompatible VL.Core.dll copied and referenced

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