Plugin that outputs two textures?

I’m trying to have a plugin output two textures of different types (A8R8G8B8 and G16) and can’t see how to do it. The texture plugin template has an implicit (hidden as far as I can tell) output texture and I can’t see how to create another.

I thought I had seen a plugin of some sort that had two textures as outputs but I can’t find anything like that now. I’ve got all the internals working, and a texture output pin created, but I can’t figure out how to do the CreateTexture() and UpdateTexture() for the second output pin.

A pointer to an example plugin or a code snippet would be fabulous! Thanks!

checked the first hierro kinect plugin? Its dynamic and outputting 2 textures

That’s actually what I want to add the second output texture to; it only has one texture output. I did go back and look, and vux’s original plugin has RGB and depth output textures so that’s what you’re probably thinking of. It is compiled and not in sourceforge so I’ll have to ping vux on this. Thanks though!

you’ll have to deal with V1 of the plugin interface. just have a look at the implementation of the base class (DXTextureOutPluginBase) you’re using right now and you should get a clue of how to create multiple texture outputs on your own. if not, feel free to ask, i’ll try to come up with an example then.

i think you can find the answere here

why would you like to have two texure outputs? just output a spread of two and use getslice to separate them if you need to. that saves hours of work!

@elias & phlema: Thanks a bunch! I’ll give it a shot!

@tonfim: I thought of that, but they are two different format textures that I wanted to be individually enabled for performance reasons. At least in my read of the code, the complexities introduced by trying to handle them as slices (inside and outside of the plugin) seemed sort of klugey. Plus I just really wanted to know how to do it… (;^})