Plugin debugging in Visual Studio 2010

Hello. I’m found strange problem - when i start vvvv separatly and then attach Visual Studio 2010 to it’s process, debugging works fine. But when i start vvvv from debugger with this prefs breakpoints just not working. I’m new in C# and Visual Studio and can’t found any preferences, that can solve my problem. Also, i’m spotted that when i start vvvv separatly it’s looks like this in process window. But when it’s started from debugger, it’s look like . Maybe the problem in something called “Proteus Debug Engine”, but what is this and how i can disable it?

we have similiar problems with sharp develop 4. we’re working on a solution for it, but for vs 2010 this should work:

otherwise use either vs 2008, or sharp develop 3.1, both of them should work fine.

Huge thx, will try SP1 for VS2010. Also, i’m found that “Just-In-Time Debugger” works fine in VS2010.

ah, it’s probably not even necessary to install sp1. see here:

Thx, i’m already installer SP1 and now all works fine. As i understanded, your solution works with SharpDevelop too, right?

sorry, just throw my short question into this thread:

is it possible to throw out err.ToString in vvvv-TTY instead of c#-VS? because the line -as you know- where the error occurs, won’t be shown in err.Message…

regards chmee

you can log exceptions like:


or strings like:

FLogger.Log(LogType.Error, yourString);

see the Template (Value) or other plugin templates how they use it. when debugging they show in the IDE console, if not in the TTY.

When editing the code of a dynamic plugin in VS, that is currently open in vvvv, how do I get vvvv to update?

Currently vvvv will only update after a quit/restart. If I just try ‘attach to process’ without restarting, VS tell me the code is different

you can’t. no file watcher for cs files in place yet. would be a feature request.

feature request! :)