Plugin Contributions

hello vvvvriends,

i contributed a plugin for a rather obscure controller last night. i highly doubt that it is beneficial to anyone since the controller is unfortunately quite rare, but as i had to roll my own driver it might serve as an easy c# example of how to interface currently unsupported usb devices to vvvv via the very convenient libusbdotnet.

so since i seem to always check into #vvvv when nobody is on, i’d kindly like to ask for svn write access to share the source.


all solved thanks to master joreg.

i’ll check in the code over the week as soon as i’ve put in some halfway sane comments.

obscure? pah! MechWarrior detected! :-P
(unfortunately i don’t have steel battalion controller)

hehe, nice. if you’re lucky you could get the controller from teh evil eBay for less than 100€… (and with the vtchid driver you could even play mechwarrior with it… ;)