Plugin avaliability when VVVV is started via network

when starting VVVV via network (eg from a server where the customised VVVV of my choice is placed) plugins won’t work.
is it a big issue to fix that? it would probably support the way out of the chaos with different VVVV versions with different addons etc… at least my chaos.

yes, confirmed.
if this would work I’d start thinking about using plugins…

this is a permission problem:

DLLs can only be loaded by .NET (which is used by all plugins) if the location is trustworthy. by default only your local directories are seen as trustworthy enough for .net.
to add your network share to the trusted zone, do the following:

caspol.exe -machine -addgroup 1 -url \server\share\vvvv_root* FullTrust -n “vvvv” -d “Allows loading of vvvv plugins over network”

caspol.exe is installed by .net 2.0. it is found in

hi elias,

thank you for this hint, works fine on my machine!

second that, thanks for the hint, very good to know!