Please rename Crack.exe to something else

Hi all,
i am writing because i almost had a disaster at work because of my topic name .
Special police we have over here about legal software and stuff came to the office today and we had some pretty big problems because of the name of my beloved program. And while i was not using it for work but rather do anything but work ( ashamed here , but i use every free moment i have to digg in to vvvv) they almost confiscated all of our computers before i can explain that this is not a Crack for a software but the developers actually named parts of it like this. Yeah it took some convincing …
So please , Please rename this piece of VVVV to something else, before something bad happens to someone.

And while i may loose my job ( at least i have learned lesson here :D ) just mentioning that sometimes the institutions have no sense of humor … at all . So don`t dare the destiny ;)

Thank you

wow that’s hardcore! renaming it manually to something more innocent like “settings.exe” wouldn’t have prevented the situation?

I had a client once asking questions re:crack when vvvv started up notifying the need to run Crack. Not sure they even believed me when I explained.

Of course i can rename it, but i didn’t because i know it is not a crack, and honestly i never expected something like this to happen. I did not even think of a situation like this so yeah … Little heart attack there :D

Anyway i was just saying.

I think crack.exe is funny, but isnt very professional when it comes to delivering projects, I’d second a more inocent name, but its shame because vvvv has always been full of jokes ;)
and used by jokers maybe :P

At least we got rid of the music:

i vote for renaming crack.exe to keygen.exe though i have to admit that synth has a valid point there. i had a raid too at an agency i was working at a few years ago. i wasn’t even using vvvv at that time, but i assume it would’ve raised some eyebrows if crack.exe would’ve come up during the search. so i second synths motion.

offtopic: i was really disappointed in the methods used for the search. basically they had an app which was scanning local drives and network shares for some names of apps they thought we had pirated. well, it turned out we didn’t, but i was actually expecting them to bring some csi type of tools for the search… :)

there is a certain unique sense of humour embeded in vvvv… but i second the motion to rename crack.exe (but not to keygen.exe - thats just as bad)

My sad story is as follows:
After months of trying to get my university to install VVVV on the labs computers, they finally agreed. Only a few months later (yes, months, bureaucracy…) they came back and said we can’t install pirated software!
…it took my several emails to explain that crack.exe, does not make this software pirated, as in their books usings cracks is a no-no. Consequently I missed this years “software installation period” and they said they will install it for me next year.

Even though I love the uniqueness of the software and I can understand completely the reasoning and how the file name fits to its vision, it is inevitable that some sort of compromises might be required in order to get a greater exposure. We missed 60 new users this year because of this…

A few ideas:

  • eykiw.exe or everythingyouknowiswrong.exe
  • thisisalegitcrack.exe
  • thisislegalyouwonthearanymusic.exe
  • windowsonly.exe
  • launchmeitssafe.exe
  • douwannastartspreading.exe
  • probablymorestablethanjitter.exe
  • CamelCaseCrack.exe
  • this.Replace(Registry).exe
  • EatMe.exe
  • DrinkMe.exe
  • vvvvDOTorg.exe
  • readme.exe


An easy way is to just rename the binary when you extract the zip:
Rename Crack.exe to Setup.exe
You can still run the binary without any issue

yea as funny as i found it. in workshops that depend on a sys admin installing the software and companies it can be problematic.

hope you can keep your job @ synth

@@psylion, what happens if is not a vvvver the person who is deputed to install vvvv - as tekcor says too?
Also devvvvs have their reasons; I guess this is not an easy to solve issue.

Keeping it humorous:

  • licensedcrack.exe
  • studentcrack.exe
  • HerrCrack.exe

…I miss the silly music ;(

@h99: well its just a zip
Give him a zip with the file renamed…
And change also the filename reference in the readme.txt

Without any controversy: if there’s a strict policy on software, a copy of a software brought into a USB pendrive, or sent through email, or stored on a private server - other than software developer one, clearly -, or etc., could lead to more issues, I think.

A programmer, friend of mine and mac-fan, first complained about vvvv being beta - looking puzzled at alpha releases -, and then it was like “wow do you launch on windows a crack.exe with this easiness?”. Imagine if he would have responsibilities in installing vvvv in a system…

I think this post would really deserve an answer from the devvvvs…

Silence feels “a bit” disrespectful for a user which ran into such a serious issue with that so called “feature”.

just do 2 different release to keep everyone happy
a SysAdminProof version and an Original version. the only difference would be between the two is that in SysAdminProof version vvvv would have a nice corporate installshield wizard which would say somewhere “we hope this installer crap makes you feeling comfortable and safe”
so on the download page:
politically incorrect version: vvvv_45beta31.2_x86/
politically correct version: vvvv_45SysAdminProof_31.2_x86/

This is serious.
An innocent yoke turned into a nightmare.
Devvvvs point is needed here.
Things like this must not happen again, in my opinion.
All my comprehension to synth.

This little joke of crack.exe did cause me trouble in the past, too

The local admin was already worried when his virus scanner called against crack.exe. I managed to convince him of the inherit humour. Thank god I muted the sound before I started it. He was glaring me down as it was, he was simply worried about his sevendigit equipment and did not find it humorous at all.

Institutions tend to worry about quirky experiments anyway, the toolkit of us experimenters should not make it harder.

Please rename to PortableSetup.exe
or any other of the excellent suggestions

On a side note: Do dare the destiny ;)