Playlist jukebox

hi i was trying to make a playlist for playing audio files so when selecting in the renderer a quad a string is
add to the playlist , i remember seeing a juke box patch somewhere and looked in the forum a found
a thread about playlist in forum but the examples patches are not there anymore , i was trying using the queve string node
but i dont get the right way to do it , when adding a new string it changes in a non covinient order ,

with queve string node it changes the first slice and add a new one so in every add is a stop in the playing how can i do that properly?.


HI guys , i was trying to do the jukebox playlist , but still not working very well , if you have a look at the patch
you,ll see what i want to do , any suggestions please ?

i would like to queve a string when 1 on a quad and to take it off when 0

and that adds into queve when in 1 not on change, now it changes when you touch a quad all the time .

slice 0 does not work , because i,m using replaceempty but if a do not use it the queve disapear how can i solve this ?


Stringqueve.rar (7.5 kB)

You should rely check out all the interface modules (GUI) from the users here (Woei, Sanch, Elektromeier etc…), and what you want is rather inpossible without the magic S+H (Animation) node.
Good luck :)

hello West ¡

thanks for your reply ,
the main problem is not the gui is to queve a string ,
the goal to achive is that when slecting the text on the renderer , the string goes to a queve as a play list , so first selected should be the first to play etc , but when selecting a new one the first become the last and should be the other way around otherwise every new addition result in a stop on the song and a change in the right order , help¡ ;D

StringNotinorder.rar (12.3 kB)

hm, you could reverse your queue-spread like this:

stringqueue_reverse.v4p (9.1 kB)

thanks a lot ;D