Playing multiple videos

we want to play multiple 10 seconds videos (ca. 100) simultaneously with vvvv. Each video is in quad, which we grouped in a renderer. the quads are aligned on boxes.
So the problem is when we streamm 10 videos only 5 play smooth. We thing, we can use texture like in this example:
Now the problem ist, when we have a array of texture, how can it split for each quad.
In the notes you find our v4patch.
I hope someone can help us.
Sorry my english is not really good, but i hope you understand me.

Thanks and Greetings Jens (8.6 kB)

that would be done using spreads in a more advanced way. delete all the hundreds subpatches and try to use only one quad node and put in all transformations and textures into that. or start with the example you posted, it works already…