Playing audio with libpd

Does anyone know if it’s possible to play audio using sfplay~ or similar using lib pd in vvvv?

Been playing with pd-patch-loader

Audio playback is fine using WaveFileReader in the plugin, but if I try to trigger a sfplay~ object inside a pd patch with a bang from vvvv, I get nothing…

My guess is that it’s not part of PD “vanilla” which is what will work with LibPD by default.

It should be possible to add externals (PD objects that aren’t in the PD core set of objects) but I haven’t looked into that.

Maybe have a look at readsf~

ah no, readsf~ is what I was using. That’s part of pd vanilla is it not?

Have you had it working?

just installed pdextended and my beta decide not to work at all after that
so had to remove it… now v4 works… But seems should be a specific version or something like that. Anyone know?

to make sure that pd patches work with libpd you have to use PD vanilla and add every external you need to use carefully to PD and libpd.

@antokhio - you need to download to package version of pd, not the installer

@tonfilm - is it not ok to just use pd extended but untick the ‘use extended’ box (or whatever the preference option is)

afaik the readsf~ node I’m using is part of vanilla

@antokhio: using pd-installer should work with latest alphas. was only a problem with b29.2 and before.