Player (Texture) synced playback in boygroup

the new player (texture) node is a great addition to vvvv - thanks a lot dear devs.

is there a simple example of how to synchronise the player node or the player (timebased) module in a boygrouping scenario?

at the moment i need to scrub in a non-linear way (back and forth) through a stack of an image sequence. the boygroup server sends a position value to the boygroup clients (8). when the position value changes over time not all clients are showing the same player texture image and they are off sync. only when the position value is fixed they show the same texture.

i need a reliable way of synchronising a scrub / seek functionality with the player node within a boygroup.

have you checked the node Clock (Network Boygroup)? this would be a good start. to scrub, you basically could just send values to the clients and add or substract them from clock´s value…

has anybody some experience with the clock node he might share? like things to do in windows/bios/somewhere or possible traps.

would be wonderful

the better the server runs the better the sync time is… otherwise Clock (Network Boygroup) worked like a charm when i tested it a few days ago in a project.