Player(EX9. Texture) reset?


Hi, All Vvvvers

I got a problem using the “Player(EX9.Texture)” node, i want create dynamic spreads with node, but it seems can’t? when input spreads cahnge ,but output doesn’t ??



hei jzzxh, instead of a .png please attach you patch so we can better see whats going on there…


Hi, joreg thanks your remind.

here’s my patch link…

I manually change spreads, it seems work, but still has bugs, when i change spreads the outputs spreads all reset, it can’t keep the spreads…



showing your patch is the first step, now you also need to explain what we see there. and what the actual problem is you seem to face.

i hope you understand that this is a very vague description. please try to use more words…


Hi, joreg

sorry for late reply…

The real face is i want to combine particle(spreads) & player(node) and control the image sequences playback in certain situation . but seems particle has (life time) can’t sync the player(node) & particle(node) spreads…

Thanks… ^^


i updated the patch to what i think that you want achieve. hope that helps.

Player_node_spreads_Test_2.v4p (17.4 kB)