Player (EX9.Texture) playback stutters - please examine my patch

Hello together,

after startup of the PC, Player (EX9.Texture) playback stutters on decent hardware. As soon as I restart vvvv, playback is smooth.

Sometimes I need to restart vvvv several times, until playback is smooth. Some improvements occurred when I set the MainLoop’s Time Mode to Raw and the renderers’ Presentation Interval to immediately. I tested my patch on three different PCs with SSDs. Same behavior. Could SSDs be a problem?

Two different 1920x1080 pixels DXT1 texture streams are played back from two different SSDs. So there should not be any bottleneck in bandwidth. I am using two Player (EX9.Texture) nodes and two renderers. I tried to prelaod different numbers of frames.

Could you please examine my patch? It is attached to be downloaded. I am using vvvv 33.1 64bit.

Thank you!

DXT1 playback stutters (34.8 kB)

what do the frames loaded pins say? if they hit 0 its probably the drive
Have you seen this thread? Maybe it might shed some light.