Player (EX9.Texture), DDS and fx

Hi evvvverybody,

I couldn’t find anything with the search function. I want to user the Player(EX9.Texture) with some dds files, which is not a problem. But it doesn’t work, when connecting the Texture to a simple effect like, let’s say, blur. My Quad instantly turns white. I would need a Renderpass with DX9Texture, to use the Players Texture. Am I doing something wrong, or ist it a known Problem?



hei drehwurm, this is not a problem of the Player (EX9.Texture) but of the dds format. all texturefx try to maintain their input-texture-format on the output and dds is not allowed for rendertargets.

@unc prepared for this case. try ChangeFormat (EX9.Texture)

That’s it. Thank you very much :-)