Player (All versions) possible bug with large sequences?

I’ve been getting a strange error with all of the player nodes (in both b35 and b34.2 x64) where the sequencing of frames starts to get mixed up after approx. 1000 frames have streamed.

At first I thought I’d messed something up when rendering the image sequence, but when I went back and checked the frames that were supposedly out of order, the sequence itself was fine. I subsequently tried all the different versions of the node, preloading different numbers of frames, manually incrementing 1 by 1, etc. and in all circumstances I’m getting the same problem. The sequence seems to jump further on for ~10 frames, then back to where it should be for a frame, then forwards for another 10. I’ve tried more than one different sequence, and I’ve tried the same sequence in both png and dds (dxt1) formats @ 1280x270.

Can anyone replicate this? I’ve run out of things I can think of to try on my end. This behaviour occurs everywhere I try it, including the help patch, so testing with that patch should mirror the patch I’m testing with.

I should also mention that I’ve checked my image sequences >10 times to make sure they’re not labelled out of order. For whatever reason, when the player node has streamed > 1000ish frames it starts loading them in a different sequence to the way they’re labelled on disk.

So how are your image files labeled? I think the way the windows explorer sorts them differs from the way the node sorts them - the node simply does a OrderBy(FileName) which is different to what you see in the windows explorer. So make sure that your file names are prefixed with zeros for example 00000.jpg, 00001.jpg, … 09999.jpg, 10000.jpg, etc

The image sequence was generated by blender, so it’s prefixed with zeros up to 4 digits. I reckon you’re right though! I have a 5 digit sequence. I’ll have to make sure the prefix digits match or exceed the sequence length in future. For some reason I figured blender would handle that automatically and didn’t check the obvious!

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