Playback of 4096x4096 dds textures at 30fps


Im making tests of using image sequence of DDS in 4096x4096 DXT1, both in DX9 and DX11

In DX9:

it runs ok until some point that fps goes to 15 for some time.

making calculations: 8MBx30FPS = 240 MB/S thats clearly the limit of one SSD.

I will try with RAID0

Anyone trying similar setups ?

Hi Manuel, yes, I have a good experiences with RAID0 with 2xSSD, exactly for this purpose. Been playing 5120*2048 BC1 compressed DDS in 60FPS 2xADATA SP610 (sequential read 560MB/s) and there still is enough headroom.

there is possibilities to have artifacts if parts of ur image sequnce writen to different parts of hdd… there is special term for this can’t remember it

How many files are you loading? Would staging the .DDS images in RAM overcome SSD limitations?

Thanks !

Loading into ram its not an option, too many frames

Will try RAID0 and tell you the results.

But it seems the sequence is going to be 16fps and 4096x2048 so no problem…