Play next movie vlc


Does anybody know how to automatically tell vlc to play next movie after the current movie reaches its end? I can’t figure how to do it. I tried to follow the vlc plugin help but I’m still lost.

Any help will be appreciated.


hey. you can try to get a bang when the movie has played. then you feed this bang over a framedelay into a counter and the count up value into the index pin of a getslice (string) which gets the next filename from a spread of strings (which you need to define). you can then also use the next file input pin of vlc player to boost up things.

hope this is not too cryptic

hi tekcor,

yeah, I ended up doing something a bit similar, I used a timer, a multi flop and a switch to do those things. tad bit similar to what you suggested. but thanks, maybe I can use your suggestion for different approach.


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