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So I have been looking for a way to play animations from files such as glb, fbx or dae for a while now but I only came across several forum discussions which advised to import the file as a prefab from a stride project itself such as shown in the help patch: “HowTo Modify Entities from a Stride Project”. In this example it also shows Astroboy walking and its walkcycle being transformed in vl.

What I am looking for is more of a node which allows to import a 3d Asset as a model and play/stop the animation without it needing to be an animation based on a rig or skeleton.

I am looking forward on hearing from someone.

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Can Alembic format and VL.Alembic help you?


That already helps a lot, thank you. The thing I’m stuck on now, is how to export the animation from blender as an .abc file so that the exported meshes are seen as Polymeshes instead of Xforms. Maybe you also have a trick to get around that problem.

Besides that thank you for the hint!

Sorry, I did not test enough with the latest blender.

I will investigate and fix the plugin. PolyMesh exported from blender 2.83 seems to be readable. Please consider importing the .abc exported from your blender once into blender 2.83 and exporting it as is.

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This has been fixed in VL.Alembic 0.1.1.


Thank you, this is amazingly helpful. Keep up the good work!!!

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