Plant growing algorythm

i want to make a pach with evolution like nature
see the links for exemple in flash
but i’m not very technical , and i search a way for begin my patch but i’don’t see what is the best technic ? i think with resample node maybe…
Maybe someone have made a patch…

i try to make similar things.and i am also not very technical. first approach to it was the programm netlogo which shows in a very clear way systems how to achiev your goal. now my problem is to put it in vvvv. vvvv has much more advantages in visualization than netlogo - thats the reason. take a deeper look into the bugs3d and bugs patch included in vvvv (girlpower).


i look the patch bug3d but he’s very technical…
i think is possible with vvvv but very difficult to make this type of patch
and nobody have make a similar patch

most growing alorithms are based on feedback (recursion). so the basic recursive growing alorithm in vvvv just + (Value) and FrameDelay (Animation) . connect the ouput of + (Value) to FrameDelay (Animation) and ‘feedback’ this to the second input of + (Value) .

one recursion (one Frame) is called one generation. the first generation a0 is just the value from the first input pin of + (Value) . all other generatons grow by this ‘start value’:

a0 = x

a1 = a0 + x

a2 = a1 + x

a3 = a2 + x

an = an-1 + x

in general you have this function for this kind of growing:

a0 = x

an = f( an-1 )

this means the next generation ( an ) is calculated by a function ( f ) over the last generation ( an-1 ). and you see, the first generation ( a0 ) is needed every time to do the first recursion …

thats all ! the rest is up to your creativity to design a function f to do the recursions …

hi snache,

perhas this patch helps you … it uses an flash film i once found on a board (don’t know the site anymore) and changed some things .
Internally it uses the funktion of flash to generate so called virtual actors.

with v4 it shoud be possible to do same things - get the algorithem an callculate the next step, then get the values enlarge the spread an write them into the spread - pehaps it will drive you in complex spread analysis but its possible to do …
remeber for the spread analysis that there yull get an classic tree konstrution this will make it easy to get your values out…



your explanation gives me the hint that my “SequenceSpread” module do something similar to that what you describe but in one timeframe.
so i tried to build something like a branch. is this way to go on? the big question is: how to do the forking…?!?
any tips???
please see my example
you need to install "SequenceSpread (Spreads).v4p in modules/elektromeier to run it.

I have made a patch with your cool module elektromeier
he work good but no branches for this time, its the problem now
maybe with resample node , i don’t know, i ll work on it this night…

sorry korriander , but i want work with vvvv for use the power of dX9

thank tonfilm foe your answer , you have help me a lot

nice growing animation sanche…

im still thinking about this… im wondering if its possible to do such a recursive thing in one timeframe and not with a framedelay…
that would be preferable because of the animationpossiblities…

google for lindmayer system or l-system.
and have a look at this java applet:

not the solution, but ‘organic’ style …

just an update , there will cool that we can spread
the plant patch but impossible now … its possible?
(why my text is to big?)
sorry for chaotic patch

Hi the following patch is abel to create brunches, but yet has an problem with an good implementation of random … perhaps it should better use point to vector sometimes …

I am trying to do a patch for growing, but it should not be completely random.
Is it possible to do a spread where the elements are detached from each other (e.g.: in scale). When I am creating a spread with let´s say five boxes and change the size, all elements are changing. How can i assign another size to every element?

You are talking about patches with organic growing in this forum topic. Can these patches be downloaded anywhere?