Place an obiect on position of vertex of other object

I want to put the spheres on positions of the box vertexes.
Box have eight vertexes, but twelwe polygons - three
vertexes on each. Finally it is 36 vertexes, but i need only one sphere in each box vertex.

How to eliminate repetitive locations?

vertices.v4p (17.5 kB)

I see your trouble, you are looking for somekind off ‘delete doubles (3D vector)’ module. Don’t have that yet, but looking at it… any one?

Ow, and your Stalone, use a vector (3D spilit), it does the same.


there is a brandnew module which exactly does what you want.
even for other vector sizes. it also returns the former indices and former “Bin” indices…

Clean (Spreads BinSize).v4p

*the vectors get converted to Strings
*Strings get spectral addition with given BinSize
*Bins are sorted
*Bins are cleaned
*Bins get splitted
*Strings get reconverted to values.

“dirty hack”, but seems to work very reliable.
contains an older module Clean (String Spreads), which is contained in the zip.

perhaps you only wanted to be pointed into a direction,

but sorry, i was immediately inspired to this module…
for me there is no way back in this case…

Thanks Kalle!

Works great!!!

BTW: Count node (which I was add) shows only 24 vertices, not 36 as I think. Are the polygons in general represented like quads with two faces or like separate triangles?

Sort -> Shift 1 slice -> Equal node -> Select
And the doubles are gone.

This is briliant!! Thnx Kalle, I always did this with 2 resamples with a spread count of X^2 slices. You are a genious!!

Clean (String Spreads).v4p was the first module in kalle.modules.string

available since almost 3 years…

Makes you a genious for almost 3 years than :)

(there is no Sort in the clean spread module, that is why I never thought it could work ;) )

When I use externall .x file it has list describbed VertexDuplicationIndices inside. This list coud be helpfull for removing duplicates. Can VVVV read this part of file?

BTW: vertices in .x file arent well organized - one should be placed on the one side of form, next one on the opposite side or somwhere else. How to manage them? (10.0 kB)

VertexDuplicationIndices is not accessible. this would require some extra coding on the inners of XFile (EX9.Geometry Load) which is not…ahem scheduled right now…