Pj Link

Any one have ever controlled a PJ Link projector from vvvv?

I am about to implement a little PJ link module but if someone has already made such a module it would save some time.

I will share the module once it is finished


Hello Sunep , yes i did one , not much time to update my userpage , i have a few others , here it is i attatched it ;D . i did not implement the password thing in it but if you need i could look for some test patches that work , it was a pain to add it in the main patch because of the md5 thingy sign .


PJlink control protocol (automate switching on off etc on beamers) (7.2 kB)

and it still works perfectly.
thanks abraham!

Hi Colorsound or Abraham

thanks a lot, and you are correct I will not need the password thing, everything will be on its own cabled network so it should not be necessary.

so thanks again.


glad to hear it still works fine ;D , best regards to all the strukt guys Thomas ;D

you are welcome sunep ;D . hope it does what you needed .