Pixelbillboard Positioning Understanding Problem


I tried to put some Pixel Grafik Plain over a complex 3d dx scene. Working in the small Preview Window looked OK. Changing to the 4K Display, the Pixelgrafik is totally destroyed. I tried to use the PixelBillBoard, but the GUI is now not usable in the small Version, also I can’t develope on the 4k Display.

_ whats the Problem with the GUI over the 3D Scene?
_ How can I use the Transforms to make the GUI in the right Postion on the smaller Renderer?

pixelposition.v4p (6.8 KB)

i use map node for that, you map, pixelsize of the object to pixel size of your preview screen, then you can map that to the pixelsize of your final screen… if that’s makes sense to you

thanxs, I scaled the size with currRenderer/finalRender * finalSize, works when the doublescale is 1?

but how to get the right position?

You may have to do everything relative. What I use to do is work with the final resolution. Whatever the size of the renderer windows. So it looks always correct pixel wise while working.

i think it should be something like currRenderer/finalRender * relativePosition
in any case, i can suggest you use Temptarget Renderer with your final res, and a preview node for preview…
Gonna save you hell a lot of time…

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