Pipet work around

I’m just makeing a quick visualisation patch for a LED project I might be working on, the matrix is 90x60 pixels, I’ve been using pipet on a file stream, pipet seems to be ouput values fine, but when I come to attach it to a spread of 90x60 quads thats represent my pixels they go black( same happens with just a file tex too). A spread of RGB or HSL nodes with the same spread count works fine on the quads.
So now I wondering whether a pixel shader would be a work around, basically I want to sample 1 pixel, and enlarge it enough to be visible in the visualisation, I’ve used a grid overlay, but because more than 1 pixel shows its not as defined as I want it. And I need it ready by the morning!

I could go with what I’ve got, but would prefer to get it looking a bit sharper, any ideas on a way forward?



sharper…mmmm, check my patch, is this helping ?

pipet.zip (55.6 kB)

sorry…wrong patch, here another version
and kill the color io-box to gain performance

cat_pipet.zip (56.0 kB)


did you see that “Draw slicewise” config pin at your quads?
Sounds to me like that.

or for some reason the pipet outputs colors which are alpha=0 ? you could correct that using a SetAlpha node.

Sorry guys, my ISP has gone bust couldnt come back and check your replies, thanks for all that I’ll check it out later, Im in a cafe at the moment!



Don’t know why, but on my computer (GF5500 or something) I couldn’t make a DX9 texture out off a Renderer that has a backbuffer of 60 x 90. (when I projected the Renderer -> DX9 Texture -> Quad -> Renderer)

I could how ever make file textures with a backbuffer that are powers off two (64, 124… 1024) pixels.

Could be my Graphic card or vvvv… (getting a GF7600 soon!! :)

Ahh it was the alpha channel with the pipet!
Thanks for your help!


right west. the gf5xxx series seem limited to power of two textures. we have noticed that already with dynamic-textures sometimes. get the gf7600 soon!