Pipet from skeleton points

Hi all,
sorry to ask some questions again, but I’m new in vvvv, and have a lot of questions.

I would like to use the pipet feeded with xyz position skeleton points.

the patch attached explains my issues:

First of all I have to getslice from the skeleton points to choose some of them, first problem !

instead of having 3(xyz)x 16(body parts of the skeleton) slices, I have 45 slices with:

how could I make one slice with this 3 slices position ?

and then I’m not sure about the XY pipet transformed from skeleton xyz coordinates points, I use texture space… can’t test it right now beaucause of the problem explained above.
thank you in advance.

pipet from skeleton.v4p (51.8 kB)

Hello Gundorf,

First, you shall use pipet ex9 node not the module. Use Cross node to feed X and Y coordinates to the pipet and use the depth map for Z.

thx !
I’m not quite sure when you talk about the cross…do you mean cross 2d ? how can I include the zmap into cross2d ? it doesn’t seem to involve z coordinates.
In cross 3d, it does ouptut the z, but can’t feed the pipet with this, because it does analyse, the pixel texture.



I have used the quads and used cross & pipet to distribute them in X,Y & Z. Hope this helps.

Pipet.rar (199.4 kB)

hey, this is a really nice patch !!
What I want to do is the opposite…picked some vertices color, (coordinates would be given by the kinect skeleton points, wich means xyz coordinates).
and my first issue is to recover the xyz coordinates of two or three points of the skeleton, as it shows in my patch
then I would have to find a way to feed pipet with this xyz, although it needs 2d coordinates.
thx for handling my little issue urbankind;

All you need apply inverse view projection on points of skeleton (thru apply transform) from a view of kinect you’ll get 2d points after that… If its too tough ill do you when i wake up in coup of hours

i’ll try this thank you very much !!

i’m back with this…for some reasons, it doesn’t work…
here’s the patch (part of skeleton nodes with my attempt to deal with applytransform)…must be really stupid mistake, all I would need to do is to transform 3d coordinates, into texcoords xy right ?
I think I didn’t really understand what was the goal of applytransform.
thx you in advance, you are awake ;)

3dto2dcoords.v4p (13.3 kB)

Combine the perspective tranformation with the xyz values and skip the Z.
xyz * transformation matrix =XYZ - Z = 2d vector. Have Fun

Skeleton Pipet 2d SITD_NL (13.9 kB)

Yesss cool, thank you!!