Pipet DX11 max 1024 values?

Hey, I’m playing with Pipet (DX11.Texture 2D) and looks like it works only for the first 64 values…

I tried to modify the code (numthreads(64, 1, 1)] --> numthreads(1024, 1, 1)]) and it works, but if I use any value bigger than 1024 I got an error

Interesting, I’ve manage to pipet more than a milion points. Last version of DX11 addon + 33.7 x86, Nvidia GTX 765M
What is your configuration?

edit: Why would you need to Pipet so much, anyway?

now is working! I was playing with the old dx11 pipet in the girlpowes directory AND with the new one, and in some way they where creating problem each other… now running the pipet alone it works!