Pipet and DX9Texture

Hi everybody,

I know that’s there are already forum threads about this, but despite them I didn’t get how pipet works…

  • I understand that coordinates of a texture is 0-1 instead of vvvv -0.5/0.5 coordinates
  • I read that’s sometimes (I didn’t get why) the texture is 0.5 scaled.

But as shown in the patch attached I didn’t succeed to make pipet works with DX9Texture (It’s working on FiletTexture)

Thanks by advance ;)

pipet & DX9texture.zip (37.2 kB)

maybe this helps


pipet dx9_mod (37.6 kB)

hei roger,

2 things here:

  • after the since you’re creating a feedback here don’t forget the FrameDelay (EX9.Texture) after the DX9Texture (EX9.Texture). this will basically make it work.
  • then still you’ll get erratic behavior since you’re drawing the sampled color with a quad in the same renderer you’re sampling from…so what would you expect from that? in therory the color will not change, in practice since there is one frame delay…when you have fast movements with the mouse you’ll sometimes get a different color.


Hi h99, Hi Joreg,

Sorry for this late reply, I was really busy theses days.
Seems really clear and so evident now, I sould had seen that …

Thanks a lot !