Pipet a whole texture not spread on X and spread on Y?

I’m trying to pipet the colors of an image. I have a LinearSpread through a Map on the x of a pipet and get (in my case) 256 colors in a spread. But when I put a second LinearSpread through a Map on the Y value of the same pipet i still get just 256 colors. I expect (or just want :) 256x256 colors. is there an other way?

VideoSpaceTest1.v4p (20.4 kB)

You need a Cross (2D), make one and press F1 for the helpfile, than you understand what you do wrong at the moment. (I can write a story out here, but I am sure you will see it in a second)

or make a pipet and press f1 (there already the cross attacched)