Pin Bug

Using Gama 147
When I click on pins for a particular external library, I sometimes get this.
Not detected in Gamma 975
PinClickError.log (57.0 KB)

which particular library? which pin?
sounds like you should be able to provide a simple patch that shows this?!

Hi @joreg, this reply come a bit too late. It started with bugs in 0140. Sometimes I post when its easy to identify a problem, and sometimes when I’m stuck. This was the latter. I can’t replicate the error with the patch I was working on since I’m now using Gamma 0161 and have probably written over that file. There were other problems occurring at the same time and after a many crashes I ran out of patience trying to streamline the issue.

I think the problem arose when I was working with generic/external types more generally. I’m not sure you are using Nvidia (CUDA) GPUs because without them the patch would have simply crashed on startup.

In future do you want me to save everything into a zip to share with you?

as always: the more exactly you can pinpoint a problem with a patch and step-by-step guide to reproduce, the more likely it is for us to be able to fix it.

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