Picture from mobile into VVVV


i want to be able to recieve pictures vom mobile phones, and load them into my patch.

MMS would be nice, but email will do.
anybody done this before?

i found a script for gmail, that automatically syncs attatchments to google drive. but it’s not supported any longer.

tipps appreciated

the android dropbox app has an option to upload all photos taken bei the phones cam. so you could probably use that to sync?

i want that visitors can take pictures, and send them into my patch.

MMS would be great, because its supported by older phones too, and you don’t have to type in a complicated mail adress.

twitter API is pretty neat for that

not very slick, but it works:

zapier.com or ifttt.com lets you generate simple scripts that connect web services.

now i have a gmail account, that automatically syncs all inbox email attachments with a google drive folder.