Physics/collision in v4 64bit with kinect 2

Hey there,

for a course project I want objects to fall down and collide with the silhouette of a person which I record via kinect. I’m using the 64 bit version of vvvv in combination with the kinect 2 and just noticed that Box2D and bullet are not supported in the 64 bit addonpack. Now I need a neat workaround to replace the physics engine or a little help with the ODE since I didn’t find much information about it.

This is my first try with v4 and unfortunately I have not enough time to learn all from scratch cause I need to present my weekly progress to my professor (which is not much so far).I don’t even know how to start to implement or simulate physics so I’m grateful for any help I can get! (152.5 kB)

Box2D is x64 bit, the files are hidden in a forum post:

Thank you so much! That’ll help a lot ;)

Hi Gareth,

i have downloaded it and copyed the x64-Folder in the vvvv33.7_x64 packs folder. but it will not work…

It would appear that box2d is broken, the plugins load, but nothing happens when a object is created.

Ela did you have much luck?

We might have to give Vux a prod.

I’m afraid not. Looks like I have the same problem.