Physical modeling, spring mass

hello dear forum
1st post… wow…
here comes my question: is there an implemented spring-mass thing out there in the vvvvworld. a module, a node or something like that?
it would be great… i think i saw once a screenshot, where a ball crashes into a wall of boxes.
my idea is to let a box hop over a plane. how far can i get with the oscillater concerning this topic?
thanks for your help or any hint.

hi venhoe,

for sure you think about “brickwall” or similar on @joreg’s page. makes use of the OpenDynamicsEngine.
@tonfilm made some very useful modules around this.

dear community:
if aivenhoe asks for your skypecontact, please welcome him!


tnx kalle.
i will go on with that. thanks to the devs as well.