Photoshop like gradient?

Is it possible to do a really smooth gradient ?

Because i allways find differences with a gradient from an image generate in photoshop, and using dynamic texture, or a shader like softedge…

If you zoom in this image youll se the left gradient (vvvv) is not as smooth as the right one

is it on dx11? hmm u might missing a resolution there or u need to change format of the texture…
post a pic with ur patch or patch itself

Does photoshop do some dithering in the gradient? Thats the way to get smooth gradients from 8bit images, but as antokhio says, check your format, as if your outputting 32bit it might be getting truncated too. Its perfectly possible its different, I’ve never done a comparison!
From your images it looks like the gamma is different, again this could be photoshop color managing, as well as the banding looking different…

Not sure what quality you get (might be gfx card dependent) but you can try a gradient with different vertex colors on a surface with either one of the basic .fx that already does vertex color lerping or make your own…

you guys completely miss the key difference here: photoshop uses bicubic interpolation while vvvv and videocards in general using linear interpolation. there are plenty of articles/docs out there using google how to do bicubic interpolation in C which after some mangling easily translatable to hlsl

a bicubic interpolation ships ships with vvvv since 2008, just have a look into the nodebrowser. but that would only change the curve between black and white. dithering is also important here i’d say.

oh ok! also we’ve got post process dithering in dx11 i don’t know about dx9

Its in DX9

Here’s a patch with a png compared to a gradient generated with softedge. I find the same result using dynamic texture.

I tried the bicubic shader and I think its making the same result.

test zoom (1.7 MB)

the Dithering pin in the dx11 gradient is doing the magic…

Is this possible in DX9 ??