Photoshop DX11

anyone can tell me what’s inside DynamicTexture EX9 (Raw) or port it to dx11 better
cause DX9toDX11, whatever the hell it is, don’t work here.

edit: ok it only works if i have renderer opened… still pure dx11 version would be nice

that one is using internally. not sure if it is available for dx11. but in anyway should be quite straightforward to code.

also please provide a simple patch that shows how DX9toDX11 only works with an open renderer.

In dx11 there’s a method coming from feraltic which fills up a texture from a byte array. Pretty easy to implement just look at the source code of one of the dynamictextures.

on this machine, dx9todx11 is blinking
the bridge is unusable for any (tested) practical reasons

dx9todx11 problem.v4p (2.3 kB)

@ggml indeed. please try this updated module with latest alpha. that does for me.

DX9ToDX11 (DX11.Texture 2d).v4p (5.9 kB)

wonder if this what I need
humph seems that’s texture to Raw meeh…

and also note in dx9 there are two different Raw->Texture nodes:

  • DynamicTexture (Raw)
  • AsTexture (Raw)

first is the one you were asking for. it takes the raw data as loaded from an image file (.bmp, .png,…) ie, including some header bytes telling it how to interpret the data.

second is taking just an array of pixels plus width/height/depth info via extra pins.

second one should be quite easy to port from here

first one would require some more steps.