Photoelectric barrier

hi everybody!

i’d like to react on the movement of people. when somebody goes through the door a soundsample should be played. so i’m wondering what’s the best and fastes way to do that?

i thought about using a photoelectric barrier, but i don’t know too much about electronics. i found one here:
but it is more expensive than i thought and i was wondering if anybody ever tried to connect a photoelectric barrier with vvvv and has some tips for me?
i really don’t know what pnp and so on means…

or is it better to use a camera and analyze the picture?

thanks for your help!

yes i think it´s better to use a camera , and easier …
you can use the pipet to do this things or a new freeframe tracker from marc_s

deeplinking to conrad products is always a problem (so better just give the order code) - you are referring probably to this product:

REFLEX-LICHTTASTER SA1E-DP, Artikel-Nr.: 178513 - 62

this is a nice, professional and simple light barrier module. look in the pdf and see page four in the upper left. this is the most interesting schematic.

to connect it to vvvv i´d open up a cheap usb mouse or joystick and use a relay (e.g. conrad 502826 - 62) to close one of the switches in the mouse or joystick when the light barrier switches its output.

while you´re at conrad: a simple sound playback module (or a discman) might do the same trick completely without vvvv