Phongpoint with adress = border

i added the adressUV = border behaviour to the existing phongpoint.

the mapping of the texture is perfect

i am not able to change the position of the light anymore.

can somebody please tell me what i misunderstood/miss?

not without the code… ‘adressUV = border’ is spelt wrong, how is it written in the shader?

sampler Samp = sampler_state    //sampler for doing the texture-lookup
    Texture   = (Tex);          //apply a texture to the sampler
    MipFilter = LINEAR;         //set the sampler states
    MinFilter = LINEAR;
    MagFilter = LINEAR;
    AddressU = BORDER;
    AddressV = BORDER;
    BorderColor = (0,0,0,1);

like this

that shouldn’t affect anything else in the shader… there must something else be wrong then… only thing i can think of is to write the border col in {} braces… but shouldn’t make any difference…

but it does affect the shader, the shading looks like a diamond - shape ?

when i change to
//AddressU = BORDER;
AddressV = BORDER;
BorderColor = (0,0,0,1);

the somehow diamond shape stays only for the V-coordinates… (4.3 kB)

ah, alright, since you have no texture connected the border color instad of white is taken in the pixel shader. try this code:

float4 col = 1;// tex2D(Samp, In.TexCd);

col.rgb *= PhongPoint(In.PosW, In.NormV, In.ViewDirV, In.LightDirV);

thank you very much :)