Phidgets RFID

phidgets RFID

i had a look at the c# example code from phdigets and phlegmas existing plugins, yes its probably not that complicated…but…kind phlegma, could you have a look at this example and make a vvvv plugin out of it as you are probably faster than me?

i think i will work on the phidget plugins in the next weeks. Probably i can try to implement the RFID stuff. But it is hard to Debug without any Hardware. Send me a message or contact me on skype and i think we will find a solution.

cheers, i’ll try myself in a weeks time and i might ask you about details of your code if i get stuck.


i kinda hacked that together some time ago.

beware: it misbehaves awfully, if the phidget is not connected by usb.

PhidgetsRFID.rar (571.8 kB)

thanks, i’m going to give it a try tommorow. i’ll keep the interface connected all the time.

no problems with the plugin. it works perfectly so far. thank you !

it’s now completely overhauled.