could be possible to implement a phidget io node.
like the mempio node. in my opinion i would be a good alternative to arduino.


I bet it would be very possible now with the new pluginability!! Maybe that will be my first test! In the past I’ve just gone through flash, I might be able to post a .fla and .v4p example if I can dig it up.

this would be great.

regards and thanks

Which phidgets board are you using?

I’m working on a pretty simple PhidgetsIO plugin that you could test. I have the basic functionality working. Right now it can: get input from digital inputs, get input from analog inputs, and I have digital outputs working too, but I haven’t tested with a multi-meter. Also I’ve used the GUI template, and I think I probably don’t really need the GUI functionality. Unless I think of a compelling reason to keep it, I’ll probably migrate to a non-gui node.

I have to add some management code (to support disconnecting / reconnecting and what not) but if you just want to play around or test things, I think this will work! Just slap it in your plugin directory.

You need to have the phidgets driver stuff installed because it relies on their .dlls.

PhidgetsIO.dll (24.6 kB)