Pete's freeframe plugins


when using pete’s plugins from the sourceforge/freeframe-site vvvv always crashes. as i remember, these plugs already worked in former v4-versions. any idea why?

help appreciated


i just randomly tested the following of pete’s plugins:

hi joreg, i confirm that some plug ins make crash beta 22 and before:
all fug series
bathroom from vjay

this only when connecting to renderer

ok, my quick guess on the problem with bigfugs plugins is that they expect 32bit bitmaps where they only get 24bit. we’d need to check with alexmay if he is sure to handle 24bit inputs correctly (which i am not sure from a short glance at his sources) before i start trying to debug more on vvvvs part.

with “baathroom from vjay” i don’t know what you mean. link please.

sorry joreg… sometimes lost in galaxy or in bathroom …
i was thinking they were linked to freeframe sourceforge site:
[](visualvynil site)

ouright, had a quick look…bathroom crashes, the others seem to work. i’ll not digg into this any deeper though considering most of the plugs are working it is probably not a problem of vvvv.

hmmm,…pete’s plugs work with a simple webcam, but not with my firewire-cam (Point Grey firefly)… no clue why…

mkay, ja, the DirectShow FreeFrame Wrapper has problems with some formats…can you try a Cheater (DShow9) in between VideoIn and a freeframe plugin?

doesn’t work either - except v4 doesn’t crash anymore, but the image freezes…

humm, than it will be hard for me to figure out more without the hardware to test…

okay, if i set the video resolution in v4 to any other size than the general resolution (e.g. 641x480 instead of 640x480, which is the maximum res), it works. somehow strange…

indeed… no text …

i made some tests for a project 2 weeks ago around mixing effect on a simple videoin. (new licensing is coming, joreg )

the texture was sended with S(node) to multiples Fx:
5 fx and renderers + 2 fx blending ( svvitcher fx) for one final output.

This to allow me to mix in direct this camera on différent effects with differen,t blends modes, without any patch loader approach.

Camera was in 720x576. Fx and all Rendering to 1280x1024.

I tried to include a Pete’s plugin ( radialblur, if i remember well ) and when connecting it to a seperate renderer (without sending it to my pipe of differents filters) , vvvv22 crashed.

so i stop to think about freeframe as a solution includable in a complex fx manipulation patch.

thinking more now to try to write my own shaders… a long way to heaven…

what is your opinion ?

definitely go for the shader approach. the only argument for freeframes is that they allow you to achieve some effects you can’t achieve with shaders and some that you can do with shaders but not in the same quality. performancewise though a shader will always win.