PerspectiveLookAtRect nodes break if DX11 pack loaded

I noticed the the helper DX9 output of PerspectiveLookAtRect (Transform ViewProjection) was missing the perspective frustum. Looking in the patch, which was not red, I noticed that the Constant effect node for the perspective element was missing some connections. Hovering over it, I discovered that it was the DX11 Constant node, not the DX9 node.

If I remove the DX11 pack, then this node loads properly. If the DX11 pack is present, the wrong Constant effect is used. Same thing happens with PerspectiveLookAtRect (Transform).

Whasup wid dat? A vvvv bug?

that is indeed caused by that patch being saved with a rather old version of vvvv. in newer patches that does not happen anymore. so as a soft workaround i’ve fixed that module.