Hi there!

Just wondering if there is a way to transform the “Fluchtpunkt” of one particular object within a scene. Any hint?

To be a little more precise: Every object has it’s own shader. So maybe one could use the Transform input somehow.

camera transformations and transformations for scaling, rotating etc. are technically the same. so note that whether you connect a transform to the object or the renderer is basically the same (as long you are not using shaders which use light sources).

so just try to connect a perspectivecamera which works on the renderer in the path of your transformations.

i agree it would be cool to have a module which allows you to specify a perspective transform by means of the 2d coordinates of the vanishing point(s) and some z-scaling parameters. if someone is able to dig out the math, SetMatrix would do the work.

and check the movie Perspektivisches Sehen at (Reichsstelle für den Unterrichtsfilm 1937)

Yeah, a module twisting the matrix that way would be quite cool.
It was me, btw…


I remember version 9.10 having this evil bug where two viewports were lying over each other when using multiscreen projection.
Maybe in this case reproducing this effect somehow would exactly do the trick here.

A Note on the Mathematics of Two- and Three- Point Perspective by Brian A. Barsky could give some nice homework for anybody willing to write some modules.

note that these 1-, 2-, or 3-point perspectives makes sense only for cubical worlds with three sets of dominant directions. Basically each bundle of parallel lines will produce its own vanishing point.