Permission to use vvvv graphic elements

I am organizing a little festival in Tenerife, Spain, and vvvv will be used for some installations. Out graphic designer who is co/working with me for the web page, just fell in love with the graphic appearance of the vvvv interface and wants to use the graphic elements for the layout.
Some details have actually already been used for the logo, I hope it s ok with you, you can see the design here>
I now realize that I better ask for your permission before we go on with this idea.
Hope to hear from you soon cause we are already designing the layout, thanks

helo simone,

you’re welcome to do so. spread the vvvvord…

What s the font you use into the nodes, I am thinking about using a non-anti-aliased font as in original vvvv.

the font is a windows standard font called “Small Fonts” at size 7.

so after a I ve been battling for a while with the idea to create a site that would look like a vvvv patch I had to give up with the idea, this is the kind of stuff one should code in Flash, but I am not a big fan of the flash technology so I decided to opt for a more classic site style, still using some graphical elements from a patch in the header …

Ampop’s diploma site looks like a VVVV patch with some style on it. no fancy flash, just tables and images, you could go fancy with css

Looks nice, much better than the mess I ended up with… mainly because we wanted the connection to show up and link content to menus and this kind of things.

parece que nesesitan un mejor developer de web ;3

Well, well, we are very open to accept external help if you want to join the team, there is probably no money involved though. Any idea or critic you want to share?


hmm. i designed a html css lookalike a while ago. for the main patch window you can simply open the webinterface patch in the girlpower folder. it creates a website that looks like a patch. check the sourcecode.

hope that helps