Perlinnoise to grid

Hi guys!

In an attempt to get a better understanding of how to shape and transform stuff I tried to recreate something like this. So I studied all the examples about grid and arbitrary point and the like and came up with the below patch.
Which I thought was quite nice. Until I realized that

  1. I can’t figure out why the first, leftmost grid gets distorted so much more while the other three produce nice curves at the same resolution
  2. I can’t use a higher resolution. With 40 spreads and according grid size the shapes kind of break in the middle.

So, what did I do wrong? I guess a lot, so some pointing into the right direction would be much appreciated.


perlingrid_work.v4p (46.5 kB)

without having a look at your patch:

always ask your friend: Herr Inspector.
there is a configuration pin “Draw Slicewise” which you only see in the inspector.
check this pin.

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ScreenShot005.jpg (22.0 kB)

lol that’s my work! :D this makes me feel famous haha

btw that draw slicewise feature is amazing! i didn’t know about that, tnx kalle!

Nevermind. Found the solution. Which for both problems was my lack of understanding what exactly happens in the perlin-node, hmpf.
(for 1.: that very curve had a different x-input, for 2. the amount of coordinates for perlin’s x- and y-input must match. Since I don’t do anything with X and don’t have an incoming connection there, I overlooked those all the time)

thanks anyway.

(Preview for the win! Yep, defetto, it indeed is. Beautiful stuff in your stream:)

tnx mate
are you on flickr ?

you’re welcome :) @ flickr: you’ve got a new contact