Perlin Contour Line

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I’m playing around with Perlin noise, starting by add it as Z

there is a way to have a similar effect on X and Y, instead of Z?
To explain better: I’d like to have an effect similar to “Contour lines” of the Perlin. Some XY noise without touching the Z

line(dx11) draws quads inbetween your XYZ points, which always face the camera. you do not have control over the geometry itself. you could go for an texture effect and distort the flat picture with the displace shader using some perlin noise.

If you want to stay in 3D you need to use geometry like the grid, or a custom mesh. download the instance noodles pack where you find all “geomFX” nodes. these are vertex shaders which can manipulate your geometry.

callmenames-2021-01-07.v4p (20.2 KB)

aha I see that I exlained myself poorly.

look, I have a grid of points, and actually I’m adding to this points a perlin noise on the Z. The amount of the noise depends on where the point is (it accept x,y as input)

What I want is to have a Perlin noise (or something similar) that add a noise on x and on y depending on the position (x,y)

BTW thanks for the answer!

@Luper This is how most of the noises work you feed xy and receive z, or you feed xyz and recive w, your basic solution would be call noise function per component so one noise is for x, one noise for y and so on…

You can look for 3d noises on sites like shadertoy, but this would be the implementation of the above algorithm…

You have to take also in the account that it will work with flat shading, because if you distort you have to also recalculate normals…

Fieldtrip has 2D & 3D vector valued noise. Here’s 2D for example:
GridPoints.v4p (14.9 KB)
(Requires Fieldtrip obviously)

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Exactely what I need! thanks

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