Performance DX9 vs DX11

Hey there. I’ve been doing my entire projects so far using dx11 for rendering, quads etc. I’m noticing some performance issues with a renderer fullscreen on a second screen. Now I’m wondering what tricks there are to get a better performance besides lowering resolution?
Would exchanging the dx11 nodes with dx9 nodes enable better performance? I would be quite a lot of work to replace them so not wanna do that instantly.
There is no geometry being used in the patch, only file-textures and four quads grouped into one renderer. Happy about any advice!

that is unlikely.

it’s more about how you render the quads and how efficient you patched the rendering. it would be helpful to upload the patch so others can see what might be wrong.

another thing that could be a pitfall is on a laptop with integrated and dedicated card. vvvv often starts with the integrated card, to avoid that you have to start explicitly with the dedicated GPU or set the default manually.

Hey Tonfilm, thanks for the swift reply. The dedicated card problem is well spotted, but I already changed everything in my Nvidia control panel to use the dedicated card for everything vvvv.

I’m attaching the patch, it has a lot of subpatches though :// So the one to open is mainpatch_performanceETTo.v4p . It may also be after all that my laptop is just too slow - i5 with a geforce mx-card. (47.0 KB)

the patch is quite big and is missing some references, so it’s hard to tell. but i see you are using GDI renderers which are CPU based and quite expensive. i would remove them first and see how it goes.

otherwise, press CTRL+F9 to see which patch takes the most performance…

Yo, thanks for the tip. Removed the GDI Renderers, didn’t change anything though. I feel it’s still a GPU issue, as when I’m going from fullscreen to a window the latency goes down to being perfect. Gotta see if there’s something else gpu-using that can be removed.

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