PerfMeter Gamma Stride

Hey, is there a Perfmeter for Gamma Stride?

Kind regards

press F2 when you hover over a renderer

Press F2 with a SceneWindow or RenderWindow focused. You can also show the Profiler with F3

and you can find the above and more shortcuts for stride windows here: Keyboard Shortcuts | vvvv gamma documentation

yes, in Stride.Utils

thank you, what is the difference between a scene / render window and a texture window

please read the chapter on Rendering in the graybook.

thanks again for the link, do I understand correctly that a TextureWindow is not suitable for the final output and it is better to go through FullscreenRenderer + RenderWindow?

that can’t be said like that. depends entirely on your usecase. if all you need to show in the end is a texture,c then the TextureWindow is what you’d use.

ok, i’ll read some more in graybook. i’m a bit confused about the number of pre- and final output renderers in gamma, in beta was a bit more manageable. great would be a helppatch, where the different render scenarios to skia and stride are listed, or is there already something like that bundled. many greetings